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from trading company to manufacturer.

In 1906, the "Sakai Kichinosuke Shop" (the predecessor of SK Tech Co., Ltd.) was established in response to a request for cultural development in that era.In those days, there were no domestic machine manufacturers and major machineshad to be imported from Western countries. Our business contributed greatly tothe development of machine engineering and production in Japan.

In the early part of the Showa era (1926-1989), our company started its manufacturing division called "Sakai Manufacturing", a subsidiary that developed and sold pumps. This subsidiary contributed to the development ofthe paper manufacturing industry in Japan. (This is a completely independentcompany, now.)

While importing and selling engineering and construction machines,we started to deal in internal combustion engines, as power sources for these machines. We also started to work as a sales agent for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., to whom we offered our services as an international trader that helped develop the industry after World War II, and we began exporting engine and pump sets for work in flood prevention.

As awareness of the need to protect the environment grew, we developed a new exhaust silencer (to reduce noise).Our product groups that integrate our noise reduction technology enjoy a good reputation with major electric appliance manufacturers, as well as makers of power engines and internal-combustion engines. We merged with Fuji Tech Industries, who had been manufacturing our exhaust silencers, and we combined our technical capability and know-how into a single organization.We also made our business operation more ef ficient and improved our competitiveness and service system, but we have always made sure to remember that first we are a manufacturer.

We opened an electronic department to meet the demands for industrial engine peripheral devices. This department handles the wide range of demands for electronic par ts used in compact power supplies and micro batteries by a highly sophisticated information society.

Now, each of our departments can flexibly handle the needs of the age as they change, by taking advantage of our history as engineers. We are tackling environmental problems and making advanced quality improvements by obtaining various certifications, including "Eco stage 1" and "ISO9001." Making use of the riches that come from our 100 years of experience as contributors to society, we intend to develop more fully as a global scale enterprise.

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